hi im alex i play video games and im dumb and sometimes i draw maybe


ye im gonna go now

good night


6/∞ badass female characters; morrigan》


my aesthetic is 240p anime uploaded in three parts to youtube


inquisition npcs so far: lady couteau, marquis durellion & corporal rosslin.

parrotiny replied to your post: im gonna cut my hair tomorrow holyyy s…

o hh boy good luck k!!!

oo thank u im gonna prob post a picture tomorrow im excited B))



Soo… unpopular opinion time

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"so theres only one female character whose name we know so far aND I CANT WAIT TO KILL HER" get your misogynistic ass far away from this fandom and never fucking return we dont need this toxic bullshit, ESPECIALLY not on the ONLY NAMED FEMALE CHARACTER please go take a nap or read a book

im gonna cut my hair tomorrow holyyy shit

th ♡